Monday, September 1, 2014

Erik's Chickow

I recently received an email from Erik, along with his recollections on the Chickow and a picture too!

"Hi,  As my eye roved across my messy desk just a few minutes ago I spied my chickcow. It is the last of maybe five of them that I originally had. Noticing the Steven Mfg embossed on the leg I thought it was a good time to see if I could scare up anything on these.

It was back in the 80s, living in Boston and along the way to a bar where we used to go eat sometimes we stopped in at a hole in the wall junk store that was open. On the counter was the box of mixed up animals and this is what caught my eye, particularly the chickcow. These, to me, stood out for some reason and I picked out and bought all of them. The shop owner, seeing my selections, burst out laughing and told us that the last time he had a box of these someone also bought all the chickcows!

 I really don’t know why I only have one at this point but I’m glad I do. A few more would be better, of course but that’s the way it goes. To think about it I can’t imagine deciding that I have too many chickcows, one is enough. Did some friend or housemate taking a casual poke through my stuff think hey that’s cool, he’s got a few of them, he won’t miss one and so on?

No, I have to say that at this point I really am of a mind that to have as many chickcows as possible would be a worthwhile endeavor.

Cast iron flies are more plentiful but that’s another story for another time."

Thanks for the awesome Chickow memory, Erik!


Dori said...

I have received a "cockamoo" as I call it. As a gift! In trying to find out more info I ran across your blog!
What to do with my cockamoo!lol

Eric Stettmeier said...

Cherish it forever, Dori!