Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My MUZA Collection

I've had a full set of MUZAs for a year or two now, but I've never photographed them all together. I only have one of each animal, since I have done a lot of trading to get the ones I have, and I have gladly given up doubles so others could try to complete their collections too. I'm proud to have a few in package (a rare sight) - Kittiorse, Liolope and Kangaboar, as well as a tagged example: Ostraphant.

I'm extremely proud of this collection, due in no small part to the fact that zero information on these toys existed on the internet before I took up my mad quest to track them all down.

All thanks to this silly guy right here - the one that sparked my imagination over 30 years ago when I first encountered him and again about ten years ago when I took up the quest to find him again: The Rabbagator:

Thanks to every one who helped me find info and the figures themselves throughout the years! And if you have your own MUZA collection you want to share with the world send me an email and I'll get them on the blog!

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