Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Mother of all MUZA Collections - and it's for sale!

I just received an email from newest MUZA Collector's Alliance member Mike M. and OH MY GOD!

Ten years ago Mike attended a toy convention in the Chicagoland area (only a few hours from Hermann MO, where the Mixed Up Zoo Animals originated!) and came away with an original Mixed Up Zoo Animals display box - full to the brim with minty fresh 15 cent tagged MUZAs!

And the best part is THEY ARE ALL FOR SALE (including the box!) - contact Mike at if you are interested!

I think it is safe to say that no one's MUZA collection is as complete as Mike's. He has the freaking display box! Possibly the only one still in existence!

I am so honored to present Mike's pictures and to be able to look upon the original box for the first time since buying my humble Rabbagator over thirty years ago.

I'm almost positive this is how they were displayed when I purchased my first Rabbagator back in the late seventies. Unlike the packaged examples, I do remember mine being unwrapped and in the presence of many of its cronies. Of course this now leaves the question: how were the packaged figures sold/displayed? The world may never know.

But just imagine walking into your local dimestore back then and BAM you are eye to eye with this box of awesome!

And the cartoony box art. Oh Em Gee I LOVE IT!

Look at that Rabbagator right there - no wonder that's the one I went home with that fateful day!

Hahaha Dachseer is chasing Catagator as Chickow and Giraphant look on.

Uh oh, looks like Sealag and Liolope are gonna have words!

NOSTALGIA BOMB!!! Now that right there is some GLORIOUS seventies box art.

And look how crisp and minty they all are:

To paraphrase 2001: A Space Odyssey: 'My God, it's full of MUZAs!'

This discovery also cements the accepted but never before actually proven theory that there were only ten MUZA designs. Comforting, since I will be getting the last two I need from Mike, and once they arrive I will finally have completed a full MUZA set!

I am so jealous right now, but also so very thankful to see that someone out there had the presence of mind to preserve this wacky toyline's retail box. What an awesome discovery - thank you so very much to Mike M. for sharing these with us!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dave's Kangaboar

I recently received an awesomely enthusiastic email from Dave S. telling me about his discovery of MUZAs and my blog.

Dave also included pics of his one and only (so far) MUZA, the Kangaboar!

Dave said "I have hartland horribles & more , & all i do is think about toys, so I got a kangabaor by accident, & now my mind is blown , completely by these mixed up zoo animals, I seriously cant believe how cool they are."
I share Dave's enthusiasm for MUZAs and toys in general. Welcome to the club, Dave!

Recent MUZA sightings

The following Catagator and Kangaboar were recently sold on eBay for ten bucks each. Too rich for my blood but a fair price in my opinion.