Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Three more in the hands of the MUZA alliance

Fellow MUZA collector Justin (Weirdo Toys) scored another bunch of these slippery fellows tonight by winning an eBay auction for three mixed up zoo animals!

Justin scored Kangaboar, Giraphant and Ostraphant (complete with name/price tag!)

Justin had called "dibs," spotting the auction first, and since all of his competition (namely, me) was un-dibbed, he got them for a song! Congrats Justin!

Note to would be MUZA eBayers: email Justin or I before wasting your money on eBay fees. We're the only ones who care. Or at least give us a heads up about your upcoming auctions. That way we can coordinate based on the characters we still need in our individual collections. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beef or Chicken?

Why not both?

My first new MUZA in a long long time comes in the form of Chickow!

I got a good deal on three MUZAs from eBay - and since there's only one human being on the entire planet who is willing to reveal himself as a fan of these guys besides myself (Justin of Weirdo Toys fame,) we've started a two member MUZA collector's alliance and the redundant Dascheer and Kittiorse are on their way to him! Someday he'll return the favor and send a couple redundancies my way. At this rate, we should both have a complete collection sometime in the year 2036.

The MUZAs of my collection have come out in full force to welcome their new genetically altered friend.