Saturday, May 15, 2010

Packaged MUZAs!

I received an email the other day from Naomi of Sassie's Estate Sales & Antiques. Naomi said she had come across some MUZAs at a home FULL of stuff that she was prepping for an Estate Sale.

Naomi had found my blog while researching the odd little critters and was wondering if I'd be interested in the MUZAs she had found. I of course said "yes" and offered to buy them from her, but Naomi decided instead to give them to me as a gift!

Naomi immediately popped them in the mail to me and they arrived today.

Not only are the MUZAs she sent me in mint condition, but (a first for me) they are all still sealed in their original packaging!

So not only do I now have three new MUZAs so generously given to me at no charge, but I have the first images for this blog of individually packaged Mixed-Up Zoo Animals!

I've seen a lot of loose MUZAs since I started this blog, and sometimes they pop up with little name/price tags wrapped around them, but this is the first I can recall ever seeing packaged MUZAs. Certainly the first time I've seen them in person.

As with the tagged MUZAs, these individually packaged Mixed-up Zoo Animals sold originally for 15 cents. I can't help but wonder if they came in an assortment box with a fold-up lid like so many dime store toys of the seventies. Maybe someday something like that will pop up too.

Each individually sealed MUZA has his/her name in large blue letters across the middle (in this case it's our old friend Kittiorse,) the 15¢ price in the upper right corner, and the following manufacturer info on the bottom:

Steven Mfg. Co., Hermann,

Liolope was packaged "upside-down." Now that's a truly mixed-up Mixed-up Zoo Animal!

And here's a minty fresh Kangaboar.

It's simply amazing to see these guys still sealed in their plastic, untouched by human hands since they were plopped in and hermetically sealed sometime around 1972. These guys are older than me!

Tremendous thanks go out to Naomi - who I shall now dub an Honorary Member in the MUZA Collector's Alliance!

If you live or ever visit the Chicago area be sure to swing by one of the Estate Sales run by Naomi and Sassie's Estate Sales & Antiques - and you can find listings for Sassie's Estate Sales at


Sam said...

Nice stuff! I love sing MUZA's MITB!

I just got two MUZAs from my inlaws for X-mas. Purchased at a Toy Fare in Philadelphia earlier this year.

I need that elephant ostrich!

Bubbashelby said...

That's awesome Sam! Did your inlaws know of your MUZA collection, or was the purchase mere coincidence?