Monday, October 8, 2007

The Complete Set (so far)

About a year or two ago a complete (to my current knowledge) set of Mixed Up Zoo Animals was sold individually on eBay. This auction brought up two points:

1) Contrary to what I was told by the employees at Steven's about a packaged assortment, I also recall purchasing the Rabbagator individually as a child. Each figure in this auction has a tag around it's neck suggesting they too may have been sold individually. No packaged images have yet surfaced.

2) The Kittiorse I have was molded in black plastic, however the one in this auction was molded in grey plastic. The Rabbagator is also apparently a lighter tan than the one I had obtained (and more in line with my memory of what color the figure from my youth was molded in.) This suggests possible multiple color combinations for all or most figures, which could have each been molded in different colored plastics.

NOTE: I did not win these auctions nor are these my animals, the images are borrowed from the (now long ended) auction. However, since the auctions borrowed my info to identify the toys, I think it a fair trade ;) ...and dig that funky wallpaper!

They are (from left to right, top to bottom)

Dachsheer (note the "15 cent" price for the individual figure)
Rabbagator (lighter plastic than the one I own, more in line with the one I remembered.)
Kittiorse (grey plastic, not black like the one I own)

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