Friday, October 3, 2008

Another auction ends

I was recently watching an eBay auction that just ended: $32.00 for three Mixed Up Zoo Animals!

The auction used the information I've discovered about these toys (almost verbatim) and I am glad they did - it makes me feel like I've contributed to the cyber world in some small way ;)

I can't help but wonder though, is there some underground collector's cult for these guys? There were 14 bids on this little set of three! And at $32.00, that's more than $10 each! (Me am smart! ;) )

So if you're someone who is collecting these toys, or bidding on them, or looking for them, or if you have them all, say "hi," leave a comment, or email me with pics of your collection. I'd love to hear from other mixed-up collectors ;)

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